Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lornabee's Pree Birthday!

it's a great feeling when u realize tht some of the things you do dont go overlooked..when someone act considers and adapts to make u realize you DO matter..it's the best feeling ever..and i'm so glad to say i have wonderful friends who never let me think other wise..

I was just informed by my closes friend that her sister is getting engaged..and it's the best news u can ever find..i'm a sucker for all this romantic gestures..yes bt i dont believe love is for me...but to see someone living it and going thru it..is enuff to satisfy my own..and with that i wish them all the best..

Other that that..i've lost my camera!..yes!..all my pictures and my beloved purple friend!..i'm devastated!..hope the perk dies n rots in hell ....but yea..more upset about my memory card then anythin..but yea..it was lorna's 21 pre party..and it was amazing..these were the pictures i managed to steal off faccyb..:)

Pre Birthday Dinner


twas a good night out..:)

Unreal seem real

he makes my knees weak..we've been at it for 5 years now..
he noes me..he wants me but I need him!..

although we arent in a relationship..it the closest i've come to anything real.
He's the only one who can make me smile with tears in my eyes.

He always makes it real for me
and thats why i love him..:)

bold thing to say for someone who doesnt believe in it


My Boomerang

I used to be devastated everytime you went away,
But I think that has become more of a routine now,
You tell me you try so much coz you care,
I say you say you "try so hard" coz it's easier.

I dont hate you, as a matter of fact I owe you one,
You changed the way I looked at things,
I dont look at love by just hugging and kissing,
I see it beyond that, the sacrifices, the effort..
The ones u and i clearly need help in..

You'll always be there,
and i think im comfortable enuff
just knowing that..:)


i forgot how addictive it was to blog..hehe..blinded by things that dont seem to matter as much now..it's funny how it takes full concentration to do things that matter but hardly any effort tht contributes.
Yet all the effort goes into determining who keeps you happy. exactly WHO!..haih..if only i had spent half the time drawing or designing then I did cryin over a man who never mattered..

I do believe you mature with age..i do believe there comes a point in everyones life where they actually stop and think about the future..the exact time to grow up and start taking responsibility..

All my life i've been independent, never depending on anyone to support or carry me..but it took moving away to realise you do need support sumtimes, regardless if u think u need it or not..i'm grateful for all my friends and family that have stayed..never given up on me or gambled me away, the ones who truly matter..and i'd go to the moon and back for them.

Everyday is an experience and you don't live it by watching it go by..u be apart of it..something i need to adopt STAT!..have a lovely week..:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Give your heart a break

it's really nothing to brag about , but it's made me who i am..

you were a part of me.
i saw u in my present in my future..
you were everywhere i turned
i thought u were the one who'd save me

now i look back , i wouldnt have changed a thing
you dont walk with me anymore
i had to let go of everythin you n i had ,
and i've never felt lighter..

it's funny how after all the heartburn n tears n torment you go thru to forget someone you've grown to love, there comes a day when u look back n cannot feel anymore grateful tht it happened then n not anywhere in the near future.

it's a funny circle innit?..maybe coz it's a never ending one..
the present may not wait for u, but the future will..:)

trust me , he's worth lookin good for

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Another week rolls by..:)

hewloo my darlings!..it's been ages again since i've posted anythin..well i'm gonna be honest..i've been busy with nuthin really..=/..just plan lazzyy..lol..neway..i'm so into twitter now for some reeasonn..lol..but things are good..Will be goin home in 2 MONTHS!..gawd i cant wait!..:)..i'm on break now..got like a month off..but i've loads to doo..and i really cant be asked cause it's holz..=/..i need the push with class everyday n wat not..argh..owh well..i'll buckle down next week..:P..haha..and as usual a pic update..:)..

Had an amazing rubber stamp workshop in uni..where we learnt to carve our designs and stamp them..was soooo cool!..:)

Had a night out for Chris's Burfday!..went to this indian buffet restaurant!..omg it was bliss..haha..then headed to revolutions..yes yes..i had an off day..hehe

The highlight of  my week was this amazing necklace i got..it's simply amazing..
i love the effect it gives off..so vintage so Victorian..so ME!..:)

p/s: Yes i'm aware the pic is everwhere..sue me..=p

Saturday, February 25, 2012

quick update..:)

hey yooo ppl!..sorry it's been ages since my last update..well not ages..but long enuff..:)..hehe..been super busy with uni work..kinder got this week off so..HERE I AMMM..hehe..nothing much has been goin on..besides drama drama drama..but after u look thru the mess and drama..it's been act quite nice..hehe..well just gonna update u on stuff..Valentines came n went..n i got gorgeous flowers from Lorna , Sham n Jonathan..felt so loved..x..so went abit overboard with the pictures..lol..

Other then that..went out for a friends party yest and well..it's back to work tomoooo..fun times..-_-..hehe..ta lovelies!..xxx

Once a Poser, always a poser..:)

Friday, January 06, 2012

You said it sista!..x

"Give a girl the right shoes ; and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

Hell's to the yea!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

White Christmas..x

Christmas has been amazing!..
i'm gonna let the pictures tell u how it went..:)


it's been amazing..:)..x

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Xmas preparation..x

I've turned the blog around!!..got a bit of emo and happy vibes goin everywhere..hehe..it's been good so far..everything is calm and well..just cant wait for christmas now..:)..it's gonna be a wonderful time!..
Merry Christmas to all you lovely ppl :)..
Much Love!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Never let the fear of striking out ; keep you from playin the game..x

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kindness Boomerang..x

not afraid..x

why does it feel like it's drawing closer to the end?
why does it feel like im finally seeing my purpose..
why? why now?
this is unbelievable..
whut if everythin is true..and u can sense the end drawin closer n closer..
i've never felt this way before..
one thing i'm sure is..
i'm not afraid anymore..

Monday, December 19, 2011


It's blossomed like a rose,
so beautiful, so magical,
it gave out a hint of security,
The moment u think u're safe,
it seduces you to believe lies,
it tempts you to see the truth.
Scared, caged n hands tied,
it forces a move on.

what happens when u put them all together?..
you get my secret..

this plays a dear role to me..such a simple design with so much meaning..i'm definately gettin this tattooed..:)

Just another one i came up with..:)